The Conference Board of Canada states in their report: “Shedding Light on the Economic Impact of Investing in Electricity Infrastructure” (Feb 2012) that the total market opportunity for electricity infrastructure across Canada is an estimated $347.5 billion. Driving a direct increase in Real GDP of $85.6 million for every $100 million invested – Aboriginal Businesses are working to participate in this unprecedented market opportunity in the power sector.

Despite the large market opportunity, there exists substantial barriers to entry for new businesses aimed at participating. Highly-specific technical expertise, regulations, development and operating experience and the ability to raise investments of hundreds of millions are but a few of the hurdles Aboriginal businesses must face. FNPA can help through industry-specific know-how and experienced partners. Your membership is the first step to accessing these pathways and becoming involved in Canada’s power landscape.

There are two types of FNPA Memberships:

General Membership

FNPA provides annual General Memberships to entities wholly owned by First Nations including economic development corporations, bands and tribal councils. General Members have direct access to FNPA support and must be the lead project proponent. To develop and implement power generation or other related projects, the project must also be partnered with an experienced development company.

Our staff has experience working with multiple stakeholders in the energy development pathway, preliminary project analysis (technical and economic), stakeholder engagement, utility negotiations, procurement and project management. Through FNPA, Aboriginal Members can make informed decisions about the power sector before committing substantial resources to development activities.

FNPA Membership provides access to opportunities in the power industry and is designed to create real value for through long‐term investment returns, employment, wealth creation and sustainability.

General Members are each entitled to one vote to elect qualified directors to the FNPA Board of Directors.

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Industry Membership

Annual Industry Memberships are available to all organizations or corporations interested in working with Aboriginal business interests in the power industry. Utilities are looking for innovative ways to grow its system capacity including a growing appetite for partnerships. Pro-active Aboriginal partnerships have proven their value and view this investment not only as worthwhile in the short‐term, but of strategic economic importance for the future.

Industry Members are vital to the success of the FNPA model. FNPA General Members benefit from experienced industry partners to bring development to fruition. FNPA assists Industry Members with identifying potential opportunities, building partnerships and accessing the unique FNPA project development pathways.

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