Biography - Paul O'Byrne

Paul O’Byrne – CEO/ Partner

Paul has worked in a variety of capacities in the communications industry since 1974. In 2003, Paul and long-time business partner Greg Fehr, partnered with the Battlefords Tribal Council (BTC) to form Saskatchewan’s premier Aboriginal advertising and communications agency – MGM Communications.

In 2015, Paul and Greg purchased BTC shares to become equal partners in MGM Communications.

In those years, Paul has gained extensive experience in all aspects of the industry including strategic planning, print, broadcast and multi-media productions. Today Paul is the CEO and managing partner of MGM Communications.

MGM is well established, having operated in Saskatchewan since 1984.  With a focus to recruiting only the most talented communications professionals, MGM has a solid reputation for developing outstanding communications, marketing and advertising to private and public organizations in the province, and across Canada.


Business and Work Summary

First Communications Group/ MGM Communications  - Partner  - 2001 - present

Consulting – Producers Group - 1999

Vice President/Co-owner – Administration and Client Relations - Phoenix Advertising Group Ltd. - 1990-1998

President/ CEO/Owner  - AV Production House Ltd. -1981-1991

President/ CEO/Co-owner- New Music Productions -1985-1991

Vice President / Co-owner - Grasslands Productions - 1989-1991

Vice President / Co-owner - Regina Color Works Ltd. – 1985 -1989

Communications Advisor – Communications and Public Affairs – SGI - 1979-1981

Education Consultant - Sask. Alcoholism Commission – 1974-1979